Sunday Afternoon Puzzle Canon, Round 2

Here’s the next one. Not much harder, but I think it’s even more rewarding.

Hint 1: I have once again given you a fermata for the comes. That means you know how long there is between the dux and the comes.

Hint 2: The comes starts above, not below, the dux.

Instructions on how to solve puzzle canons.

Sunday Afternoon Puzzle Canon, Round 1

I’ve decided to start reviving an old tradition, that of solving puzzle canons for sport and entertainment. Every Saturday evening I will post a new puzzle canon for my readers (yes, all three of them) to do on Sunday afternoons. I don’t know if it was traditional to do on Sunday afternoons, but, anyway, I usually find myself itching for intellectual stimulation at some point.

Here’s the deal: I post the melody and first person to figure out the interval of the canon posts it in the comments section. I’m starting off pretty easy. (Mainly because I can’t figure out how to come up with complex ones yet.)

Here’s Puzzle Canon No. 1.

Here’s a set of brief instructions.

Hint 1: my fermata indicates when the comes ends. It starts after the dux, so the comes has to be cut short in order to finish at the same time. That will tip you off as to how far into the dux the comes starts.

Hint 2: The comes starts above, not below, the dux.