About Fermenting Notes

Did you notice my pun? I hope so. It’s a blog about music and it’s a blog full of notes to myself. And they’re all fermenting in my head.

You can laugh now.

But just remember, this is where the fermentation happens. Not the finished product. You’re not getting a glass of snotty wine you saw rated high on some snotty website for snotty wine people. No, this is where the rough and dirty work happens, long before rave reviews and stars. My notes are not ready to be bottled up, labeled beautifully, and retailed aristocratically. I haven’t even decided on what grapes to use. I like too many kinds, and I think you like too few.

Somewhere along my musical childhood, just so you know, I went off the rails. I can blame an anonymous Benedicamus Domino in the Perotin tradition partly. Also partly David Munrow’s album of Praetorius. And also the actual meaning of the word Paul uses in Ephesians 4 that gets translated “making melody”. Possibly also this sentence from Percy Dearmer: “Carols are songs with a religious impulse that are simple, hilarious, popular, and modern.” There were a lot of things. Long story short, I’m pretentious enough to blog because, well, if I didn’t, I would explode with exuberant discontent. So there!

I can’t really give you a professional tour, because this is all a little unprofessional, but you’re welcome to look around.

Think aloud.

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